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Congrats on the AEM-100i


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first I want to congratulate you to your new products, espacially the aem-100i and the innofader. I really admire that you research in new technologies and build affordable products for scratch dj's.

I'm very interested in the AEM-100i innofader version, because my Vestax pmc05pro3 is giving up nowadays. I've tried 3 Crossfader (2 Vestax PCV and the Pro X Fader) and all 3 Faders deliver exactly the same crackling sound. All 3 faders are optically OK and I've cleaned all 3 with caig deoxit. So it seems to be something internal. even I can change the crackling sound with the cf curve potentiometer!

now i just wanted to ask you some questions about built and sound quality of the AEM-100i.
How do you ensure that the electric parts of the AEM-100i won't give up like the ones in my vestax did ? wink.gif
What about the sound quality? is it as good as the sound quality of vestax or even pioneer mixers ?

I would love it to test an AEM100i but I live in Germany and I don't know any Resellers where I could test it.

Best regards!

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As for the sound - there are definitely days when I actually like the AEM-100i more than my $800 Korg Zero 4. The AEM-100i is very crisp, with very clean highs and mids. The filters sound good too. As for information on the components, I'll let Elliot, who's more qualified to speak on the matter than I, tell you about that.
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