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Hello and Welcome from Elliot Marx


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Hello All,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being the first ones to opt into our mailing list and being loyal customers! Hopefully you'll find these emails helpful but if for any reason you want to opt out, just write to mailinglist@audioinnovate.com and put "Opt Out" in the title.

As you may know already from our Facebook posts, our new mini Innofader PNPs are shipping worldwide to all of the retailers next Tuesday. We're shipping by Priority mail or International Express so figure the retailers should be ready to ship around May 5th or 6th.

As part of the new product launch, we've made many updates on our compatibility chart: https://www.innofader.com/compatible.php. But you may notice that there's a lot of "tbd" slots in the chart. In many cases I've done the installation but couldn't determine the correct height because the production caps weren't available yet. In other cases, customers have already taken some measurements so I have a clear idea they will work but not sure of the exact height fitting or configuration. If you or anyone does these installations and has new info, definitely let me know! Also as you probably know already, I'm always adding proucts to this chart. So if you find a new product that isn't there, we're game for helping you figure out if it can be Innofaded! The new minis combined with our long bodied PNP, Pro, and Innobender means there's a pretty good chance at least one of our Innos will work.

One thing that's still bugging me though is we see the huge need for the mini Innofader PNP S - that's the solder version - but customers in many cases are holding back because it seems to be too much trouble. The result is DJs either just tolerate the original faders or throw away perfectly good equipment just because of bad faders. The latter especially bothers me. I've been over to China and Taiwan and see in some cases pollution so bad you can barely see the midday sun on a cloudless day. New technology is cool but making better use of what we already have will go a long way in helping us clean things up.

So anyways, there are a few resources here to help you get started:
1) Scott David <repairdjgear@gmail.com> already does repair on all sorts of gear including controllers and can help with this. Located in Orange County, CA
2) Virtual Sounds Technology <sales@vstservice.com> has been doing Innofader installations for a while and should be able to help you. Located in Pasadena, CA
3) Hollywood DJ in LA has their own on staff techs who can do the installation for you.
4) Many of our distributors outside the US are setting up with technicians who can help with the installation. So far we have the Phillippines, Japan, Brazil, and Germany on board with this. We can refer you to these people to help you.
5) If you are located in the US, there's a good chance we can refer you to a local technician who can do the job. Problem so far is most of these do repairs for all sorts of huge brands so we're a bit small potatoes to them. Write to us and we can refer you. And let these people know we referred you!
6) I'm always happy to work something out with you if you send me your controller and want me to Innofade it for you!

Best Regards,
Elliot Marx
Owner, Audio Innovate

NEW Mobile number
Tel: +1-808-628-0532
Fax: +1-866-893-6874
Skype: odonov8
Web: www.innofader.com

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