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Innofader Pro hookup to Reloop IQ2 Midi mixer


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I tried to hook up an innofader pro to my Reloop IQ2 Midi mixer. The mixer is listed as compatible and there is also a screenshot of a hookup on the website:




However, as I tried to install the innofader, I run into a problem. The screenshot showed an extra connector that was neither in the mixer nor in the innofader pro package. See the image below:




This connects the fader cable from the mixer to the innofader adapter board. I can not directly plug in the cable as it does not fit into the specified adapter (j16).


I am not sure, but it looks to me like the little board might just be used to change the plug shape without any other functionality. However, electrical engineering is not my strong suit and I don't want to take any risks.


Can anyone of you guys help me through this hookup? Do I need extra parts or just a way to make the plug fit? Is there much risk of me frying my mixer if I don't do it right?


Many thanks in advance!


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As I didn't want to do any modifications to the fader plug itself, I soldered toghether an adapter plug, assuming that there are no other components on the small "connector board" in the original image above (see my first post).


I made it such that it plugs into the J16 socket, as stated on the innofader website. This way the fader worked perfectly and the mixer didnt explode/fry/incinerate either.


Another problem arose when I tried to mount the innofader into the mixer. I had to lift it up about 5-6mm in order to have the shaft stick out of the face plate. The washers and screws in the innofader package were not sufficent to achieve this and I had to buy extra parts from the hardware store. Additionally I had to file down the bottom of the plastic fader knob about 1mm so it wouldn't get stuck on the face plate surface.


As for the room for the connector boards, they barely fit underneath the innofader. Instead of utilising the shrink wrap, I wrapped them as tight as possible into electrical tape to have them take up as little room as possible.

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