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Innofader Pro problem with Vestax PMC01A


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Has anyone ever installed a Innofader Pro on one of these mixers and have any luck? i installed the the Innofader Pro on it and it only cuts out on the left turntable (channel 1) meaning i slide the cross fader to the right. but for some reason it does not cut out the right turntable (channel 2) when i slide it all the way to the left.


I have tried everything with calibrating it. Maybe im doing something wrong?


i made sure the x/y jumper is installed and the non vca switch is switched to on instead of 1.


i know it works because i installed it in a Vestax PMC 05 pro II and it cuts out on both channels.







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Also there is this high pitch frequency sound that comes in when i turn on the mixer. its not really loud but it there in the background when the mixer is on.


do you think i got a bad crossfader? i know i isolated the pcb so its not touching any metal inside of the mixer.


I really wanna get this crossfader working right. if it does not work then its money down the drain. 

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Hello thanks for the reply. I really think this fader is dead and broken.
When i have it plugged in and turn on the mixer i get this super loud high pitch sound that could make someone go deaf and blow out the speakers!
I havw to unplug the mixer right away.

I checked to see if it was touching anything to short out but its all clear.

I think it was broken ever since i bought it because i could never get it to work in my mixer in the first place.

Ive had it for 3 months now and ive tried everything to get it to work and its just not working.

It really sucks because i dropped money on it only to have a piece of $h!t that will blow speakers and my mixer up.

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