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  1. I came across a mint condition Roland DJ 1000 and couldn't pass it up. This mixer has a very warm and bassy analogue sound and of course the wicked filter section. The only problem was the pathetic faders.? I immediately contacted Elliot and was told that an Innofader Pro 2 could work if I could find a way to mount it.. The problem becomes obvious as soon as you pull out the stock crossfader, there is a circuit board right in the way. With further advice from Elliot I decided to give it a go. The hardest part was taking the risk of cutting the circuit board, however, with a dremel it was actually very easy. Connecting the Innofader to the mixer was done by making an adaptor from the #13 adaptor board and the harness clip from the Roland crossfader. I used two electrical diagrams to figure out the connections.? After testing it out I was very happy and relieved to find that it worked! Here are some pictures of the process. ? This picture shows how to cut the board: ? Reconnection of wires after you cut the PC board: ? Next two pictures show how to connect power from the mixer to the adapter board: ? Now this is how you connect the crossfader wires: ? ? ? ? ? ?
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