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  1. The guide is practically useless for the 68 because the problem is not the calibration but the installation. It is impossible to install the Innofader Pro 2 into the Rane 68. Luckily, I was able to sell my Innofader Pro 2 to another person.
  2. Hello Elliot,   you should really take off the Innofader Pros from your website as the suggested Innofader models for the Rane 68. 2 and a half month have past and you didn't came up with a solution for now ;) I bet that you have never tried to install an Innofader Pro (2) into a Rane 68.
  3. What is your suggestion for installing the Innofader Pro 2 into the Rane 68?
  4. Hi,   just got my Rane 68 and the suggested Innofader Pro 2 and I have to say: how can you suggest a fader for a mixer that you can not install in it? At least if you are not an absolute Pro? I assemble some hundred electronic systems every year but it isn't enough experience to get the Innofader Pro 2 into the Rane 68. After I already got the Innofader I realized that it is impossible to get the Fader into the Mixer without removing the front bezel. You have to slide the fader unit from the front side into the mixer. The fader unit is a bezel that is bent and screwed onto the front bezel. Luckily, the front bezel is pretty high so that there is no possibility to just slide in the fader unit with the Innofader Pro 2 on it into the 68.  If you don't understand my problem you can watch this video to get a better picture:   https://youtu.be/3Sf1BMnfV6w?t=4m11s   The front PCB with the headphone jack and the knobs is attached to a very short cable, so I unscrewed the front PCB from the front. I then put the case part with the faders on it and the front bezel together and tightened the 2 screws. With some finger yoga I was able to slide the construct into the mixer while keeping track of the loose front PCB. I then screwed the front PCB and the front bezel together.   I didn't mention that I setup the Innofader before I put it into the mixer. But after putting the Innofader into the mixer the line fader from channel 1 is bleeding. So I probably have to open up the mixer again to check everything, probably I might have broken the very short ribbon cable that is connected to the front PCB.
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