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  1. QUOTE(earwax @ Aug 10 2007, 02:22 PM) [snapback]62[/snapback] i have read nothing but great reviews about this product. i live in the denver colorado area and was wondering if there is anywhere around here that i could test drive one? thanks! Earwax - sorry we don't have any dealers in the Denver area but if you have the name of a local store, we can contact them. Note that many mail order places have 30 day return policies so this might be another option. Elliot
  2. QUOTE(Punky @ Aug 16 2007, 04:10 PM) [snapback]64[/snapback] Here's what I'd love to see from an AEM-400: NEED: 4 Channels Matrix Input Rotary EQ Effects - Analog would be cool, or maybe some kind of digital effects that do something really innovative and unexpected. Definitely filters. Something similar to A&H perhaps? Hell, you could build a whole mixer around an innovative set of filters... hmm... . Pro X Fade - I am ABSOLUTELY spoiled by this fader! I don't think I'll be able to ever go back to anything less! An effects send / return w/ wet dry fader. Looser faders for wet-dry control of effects - this makes some tricks a little bit easier. Cue / Master headphone knob It would be nice... Unique aesthetic beauty - nothing on the market looks like an AEM-100i (though the Grandmaster Flash Rane Empath is somewhat similar) I'd particularly like all markings to be scratched into the aluminum, so it can never come off. Curve control and fader reverse on all channels More stuff as I think of it... Hey thanks for your feedback. Uh-oh, time to get busy
  3. QUOTE(akaider @ Aug 9 2007, 10:39 AM) [snapback]59[/snapback] Hey so I got my AEM-100i this week and am having a lot of fun with it! A couple of observations, numbered by priority: 1) AUX in is nice, but I'd rather have a send/return connection for external EFX unit / sampler. 2) Also vertical transformer switches would be nice, the phono line switch can currenty be used in a similar fashion but they're not real transformer switches. 3) split face plate on mixer to minimize hassle of removing knobs / fader caps when lubing / replacing faders. 4) placing mic inputs on the back of the mixer, current configuration is a bit messy for club environment. 5) an echo / delay unit in the efx bank would be killer! Having said that, I think the AEM is the best mixer in its price range and if some or all of these issues are addressed I think you guys could pose real competition to the xone02, ecler HAK series and possibly the rane 56! If a solid echo / delay unit is added I wouldn't mind a bump in the price of the mixer, but at a minimum a good send return port would help the usefulness of the mixer respect, -ak Hey AK, Thanks for your feedback. We will consider your suggestions for future models. I've seen DJs use the AEM-100 or AEM-100i with echo boxes or digital effects so they get the best of both worlds. The AEM was a real pure concept mixer with only analog effects so it doesn't include flanging, echo, delay, and the like. Let me know how you make out with your AEM-100i! Elliot
  4. Akaider - Thanks for your post. We appreciate your input which of course we can consider for future models. Remember we created the AEM-100i from the AEM-100 really quickly - only 6 months from concept to production. Echo, delay, flange, USB are also possible if the mixer is more digital...
  5. The AEM-100i will be on display in two locations: 1) The Pro X Fade Booth, in Hall 5.1, B47 2) Our German Distributor, Lighttech, in Hall 8.0, F88 See you there and please make an appointment to meet me if you haven't done so already. I'll be checking email and returning phone calls daily. Elliot
  6. QUOTE(M.Y DJ @ Mar 1 2007, 12:38 PM) [snapback]12[/snapback] Oh M.Y god Am I Dreaming ? I'm a french AEM100 user, & your distributor in my country (R-digital : http://r-digital.xpress-concept.com/) told me 6 months ago, that They will send it to me... I' m still waiting Except that, I' ve got a (hadrware) problem with M.Y PXF I will try to explain you what it is exactly (translate in english) or make a video to show you most clearly. & post it to electrickbreaks too (they could answer me better I Think) summary ---> the problem is here ! upper rail is no more well "tight" (in place and don' t moving... actualy it moves and "the train" on the rail doesn' t touch the tracks on the component...so can' t cut, sound is always @ 100%) I hope it will be understandable .. just one question, in order to know if it will be possible... to have (only) a new PXF "metal box" ??? (component works well) thanks for your answer if you could help me & I will send you my shipping information by mail. First of all, my sincerest apologies because R-Digital no longer distributes Audio Innovate in France. Lighttech (www.lighttech.fr) is setting up an office in France this spring and they will be distributing Audio Innovate. I have referred your question directly to Siya from Eclectic Breaks and will get back to you within the next few days. I will send you the tool and lube kit this week.
  7. QUOTE(M.Y DJ @ Mar 3 2007, 12:19 PM) [snapback]16[/snapback] ok thanks. before a detailed answer... Can you just tell me if some modifications could be done on the AEM100 (upfader curves and reverse & additionnal firewire card ) is it technically possible ? or I' ll have to buy a new mixer ... (is the future audioinnovate in developpement ? with more channels ? when will it be commercialized ? ) Actually it is possible to convert the AEM-100 into an AEM-100i by changing the faceplate and changing an IC to add upfader curves and reverse. Send me email we can discuss it in more detail.
  8. M.Y.M.Y. Thanks for reposting. I got it!
  9. Starting February 28th, 2007 we will have stock on the Pro X Fade tool and lube kit. It is free for all Audio Innovate customers. Please write to sales@audioinnovate.com with your shipping information and we will send this to you along with instructions. Once you receive the kit, please read and follow the instructions very carefully!
  10. We have stock on the rubberized knobs used for the AEM-100i. If you have an AEM-100 and would like to upgrade to these knobs, please write to us at sales@audioinnovate.com and provide your shipping address. We will send out a complete set of knobs to you for FREE.
  11. QUOTE(sky @ Jan 5 2007, 09:50 PM) [snapback]5[/snapback] I already asked this in an email, but I thought maybe more people would be interested in the reply. Are there plans to release a three channel mixer? If so, when? Thanks for being brave and being the first to post on our new forum! We've heard from many DJs interested in 3 and 4 channel versions of the AEM-100. At this point we are considering these but we don't have specific plans for release as of yet. When we have anything more specific we will definitely make an announcement here! On the AEM-100 and AEM-100i is we added extra Aux inputs both front and back on each channel to accomodate extra audio sources within the 2 channel format. So hopefully this will give you plenty of inputs to work with if running out of inputs is your concern. One of the difficulties with moving the AEM-100 or AEM-100i over to a 3 channel or 4 channel format is that the 2 sets of effects on 2 channels are much more intuitive than having to switch between channels. Most mixers on the market have effects on only 1 source at a time which forces you to switch effects between channels or keep the effects on the master.
  12. Thanks for everyone's feedback on the AEM-100, leading to the creation of the AEM-100i. We took out the Fader Cuts to make a nice clean crossfader area and gave it a new ergonomic look. Let us know how else we can improve our products.
  13. Both AEM-100 and AEM-100i products are currently available in North America, some parts of Europe, and Australia as of 12/3/2006. Let us know if you are looking in your area so we can help you.
  14. Hello everyone and welcome to the updated AI forum. Please feel free to login and post at this time. Thanks so much to Mark Settle from Skratchworx for recommending the Invision Board software.
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