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  1. MOD USING THE INNOFADER PRO For this mod, you need to modify the mixer cable as follows. Make sure that pins 1-4 connect to J40 on the VCA adapter and pin 5 is not connected MOD USING THE ORIGINAL INNOFADER The Numark SM-3 uses a unique wiring system. In the following picture, the modded cable is on the left and the original cable is on the right. So the order of the wires is as such: 5 pin connector: pin 1 grey pin 2 blue pin 3 yellow pin 4 green pin 5 not connected 4 pin connector: pin 1 grey pin 2 yellow pin 3 green pin 4 blue Note there are a few options for doing this modification: 1) You can use the original 4 pin connector to do the modification. You will need to use a good needle-nosed pliers to pull out the pins and put them back in. However, you need to be extra careful when you plug in the mixer connector that the unconnected cable socket pin is next to the green wire and not next to the grey wire. The modded cable will then look like this: 2) You can contact Audio Innovate for service and we will do the modification for you using a 5 pin connector.
  2. QUOTE (softdrop @ May 28 2010, 10:58 AM) i can't understand what u mean but thx anyway for your reply now everythings is ok!! and the fader is better than butter!! .alola I'm glad you got it worked out! Elliot
  3. QUOTE (softdrop @ May 12 2010, 07:26 PM) i got the new inofader and it is amazing.... the smoothest i've ever tried!!! but i've a problem on the right side the cut is very short, a few mm are enough to open and close the sound but on the left side it needs at lasts about 5 mm to switch on and off the sound should i have to contact the dealer for a substitution or it it normal this way??? could i do anything to fix it?? sorry for my english and thx for help!! Hello I think I got your email and resolved the issue directly with you already. Please confirm.
  4. QUOTE (softdrop @ Apr 9 2010, 10:29 AM) hello, i'm going to buy an innofader.. but before i'd like to understand the difference between these two versions which is the main difference?! (besides the price that in italy differs of 10 euros) which fits better on my Vestax PMC 05 pro SL?! thanks for your help!! bellaaaaaaaaaaa 0.45 ohm is less likely to bleed, especially on older Vestax mixers. I would recommend you get this one.
  5. mini Innofader PNP P instructions   Thank you to Anthony King for your help with providing the pictures!   Please refer below to the Innobender Instructions showing how to take apart and put the mixer back together. Inside the mixer there is a plate holding the 3 faders. First remove this plate and remove the original crossfader.     Mount the mini Innofader PNP P to the Pioneer adapter plate included with the kit. Please make sure you use the plastic screws and washers included with the kit as illustrated here.     Use the 3 pin adapter cable for hooking up to the mixer crossfader connector. If you align the cable pins with the connector as shown in the below picture - the blue mini Innofader PNP P wire lines up with the white DJM-400 wire - then the mini Innofader PNP P will have a green light during the test mode, and it will work immediately once you pull the switch down.     When you install the mini Innofader PNP P it will look something like this. ***Note in the picture the plastic screws are shown for mounting the mini Innofader PNP P to the fader plate. This is not needed because the mini Innofader PNP P mounted to the Pioneer plate is already isolated     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Innobender instructions NOTE: Our most recent Innobender version does not come with any adapter boards. It comes with adapter cables instead. The 3 pin small adapter cable connects to 3 pins on the Pioneer connector. Please follow the instructions included with the Innobender kit for connecting the DJM 400. First to start remove the screws as shown here. Note that the next few pictures have the Innofader at the crossfader; on the DJM-400 it will have the original fader installed. Sorry I was lazy here. Bear with me. Once you remove all of the faceplate screws, you should be able to pop off the faceplate. Lift up the faceplate slightly and remove the flat cable shown here: For ease of installation, lift the faceplate up, flip over to the left, and place down as shown here: Remove the 2 screws on the front panel shown here. The crossfader plate should then drop down. Also make sure to disassemble the crossfader from the fader plate by removing the 2 mounting screws. All of the screws you need to remove here have red circles around them. Before mounting the Innofader, prepare it as below. First mount the Innofader to the large bracket using the 6mm insulated flathead screws and insulated washers. Please read the instructions for insulating the Innofader from the mixer first. Mount the tab to the Innofader with the 2 hex screws and 2 lock washers. Use a 2.5mm hex wrench to tighten the screws. While you are installing these screws, hold the Innofader body as shown in the picture. This will maximize the distance between the top screw and the bracket and eliminate any potential rubbing. Connect the 6-pin crossfader cable to the Misc Adapter Board connecter J13 "NUMARK DIGITAL". Note the connector housing is already removed because the Pioneer cable header won't fit. This is completely normal and a special modification we did just for this product. Install the crossfader cable with the white wire closest to the blue Innofader cable wire. Disconnect the Innofader cable from the Innofader itself and connect to the Misc Adapter Board. As shown in the picture, the misc adapter board blue wire goes to the Innofader grey wire and vice versa. But the green wires and yellow wires still match. ****NOTE: There is a batch of Innofaders which have the holes drilled upside down. In this case when you assemble the Innofader to the plate as shown in this picture, the label will be facing down rather than up. If the label is facing up, the wire connections between the Innofader cable and adapter board are as follows: BLUE <-> GREY GREEN <-> GREEN YELLOW <-> YELLOW GREY <-> BLUE If the label is facing down, the wire connections between the Innofader cable and adapter board are as follows: BLUE <-> GREY GREEN <-> YELLOW YELLOW <-> GREEN GREY <-> BLUE We released a small number of faders with the label facing down where the green and yellow wires are swapped. If this is the case, please use the mini-screwdriver included with the Innofader to swap these wires as shown here (different connector but same idea) Place the Insulator tube over the Misc Adapter board and Innofader cable, and connect the Innofader cable back to the Innofader. Place the Innofader with the bracket in the correct position on the Pioneer fader plate Screw the Innofader with the bracket down to the Pioneer fader plate using the 8mm flathead screws included with the Innofader. Plug the flat cable back into the fader plate PC board. Make sure you tape down the insulator securely to keep a safe distance from power supply components in the Pioneer DJM-400. Note I was a bit lazy in this picture. Use more tape to be safe!!! Put the faceplate back on the mixer and screw the front panel screws back into the fader plate. Note the drawing shows the screws only partially installed; make sure later to fully tighten the screws. Screw the faceplate screws back into the fader plate. Note the drawing shows the screws only partially installed; make sure later to fully tighten the screws. Finally install the remaining faceplate screws And you're done!
  6. It sounds like the trick is just increase the curve slightly and you'll get a nice on/off at the cutoff. I don't think it's necessary to set the Innofader for a full cut if you want to have some curve adjustability from the QFO itself.
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    X/Y, huh?

    QUOTE (DJ.AY @ Feb 7 2010, 02:05 AM) hey at all... my english is not so good... im sorry for the gramatic .... my question is ... i have a vestax pmc 6 pro a ... so i looked into the list of compatible mixers ...and saw that vestax pmc 6 has Y ...is that right ? SO on the innofader there a two pics ... the first one ....with a red button ..it says x the second one ...with a white red button ..ist says y now what should i do .... i understand the pics and all that ...but WHAT happens with the xy jumper ? do i need this to switch or what should i do .... the red cap off the xy jumper or let it go... because the list says vestax is y ..... or is this for not relevant.... i know its hard to understand my question ... what exactly is the xy jumper ... is it a switch or ....what... ist that red cap are bridge.... please help me... Remove the red cap. The red cap is the X/Y jumper, and removing the cap gives you the "Y" set of curves shown on the Innofader label. This is the proper setting for the Vestax PMC-06.
  8. EDIT 8_18_2011: Thanks to D-boy and Dirkmouse for helping to confirm this solution works! Please write to us, indicate your mailing address, and ask for the "P&G adapter cable for Denon and Rane Empath mixers". The cable looks like this: This cable will either plug directly into the original Innofader or plug into J40 on the VCA adapter for the Innofader Pro. Both models will work. For reference below, here is the previous solution, but since we got so overwhelmed with requests, we are now supplying the plug-and-play solution above. Thank you so much D-boy! You're the best. Here's instructions from D-boy on how to wire the Innofader to go into the DNX-1500S: Hi all, this is the information for the jumper cable or adapter to fit a Innofader to a 1500s, instead of giving you a list of parts to purchase and build it from scratch (cutting, soldering, etc,) I?m sending you a much easier approach, using a MPC-2 CDROM cable (Black-to-White cable, Picture 2), but for reference I?m including the technical name of the connectors used. Looking for the cable on your local computer shop: For the mixer board YOU MUST use the JST Female connector (picture 1), any bigger connector will prevent the fader from fitting, the Black connector (picture 2) it will fit perfectly to the Innofader connector. Also you can use both JST Female connectors on both sides, I run into this type of cable in my shop and all I did was to remap the cables, meaning removing individually each connector or cable with a removing tool or in my case a thin but very strong radio shack scrapper (picture 3). So, it all depends on what type of connector you run into, it could be a H4PL-to-JST or JST- to-JST (all female) or stick with the MPC-2 Black-to-White cable, you can find this type of cables in computer repair shops, most of the time for free. I also included a photo of the Innofader I use with my DN-X1500s plus connectors I already made. Purchasing the cable: You can find the cable just searching for MPC-2 Sound Blaster Cable, you will still need to remap the cable but do it only on the black connector as it is super easy to remove, you do not need the a removing tool, a needle will do, this ebay store has it for 1.79 free shipping MPC-2 cable is available online here. Cable mapping or color guide Flex Fader vs InnoFader (Don?t forget it as you could damage your mixer) ORIGINAL INNOFADER: Red = Blue White = Grey Blue = Green INNOFADER PRO: Red = Pin 1 J40 (Pin 1 is pin closest to "J40" marker) White = Pin 4 J40 Blue - Pin 2 J40 An easy way to see this will be to use the Flex Fader Female Connector and then simply replace the Flex Fader cables with the Innofader Cable, so for example: The Blue Innofader Cable goes where the Red Flex Fader Cables goes in the female connector The Grey Innofader Cable goes where the White Flex Fader Cables goes in the female connector The Green Innofader Cable goes where the Blue Flex Fader Cables goes in the female connector So to save yourself the effort of hand-soldering the Innofader wires to the white female connector, use the adapter cable to route the Innofader cable to these wire positions. Also you can check this info. on the denondj forums http://www.denondjforums.com/forum/index.p...;rb_v=viewtopic Hope this information helps you, let me know if you need something else. http://www.batteryspace.com/ProductImages/...ectors/4704.jpg Picture 1: The JST Female 4 Pin MPC2 Soundblaster sound audio cards card 18 inch: 11A1-11418 Picture 2: MPC-2 Cable, also the black connector is known as a Black H4PL 4 Pin Female connector 4-Piece Solder/Desoldering Tool Set ***NOTE: You can also use the mini-screwdriver included with the Innofader to remove the cable wires from the connector. The below kit is optional. Picture 3: soldering kit from radio shack, use the angled scrapper to remove each cable
  9. QUOTE (Gindu @ Jan 24 2010, 11:53 PM) Well the numark is just a test mixer... I'm thinking about doing it for a Xone 42 or Xone 92 in the future.... It's a DM1050..... I was thinking just in case I screw something up the Numark isn't a loss. oooh BTW can the crossfader in the Ecler Evo 4 be switched to a Innofader since the eternal wont work.... The DM1050 doesn't have VCA circuitry on the crossfader so this won't work for testing. The EVO 4 can work for the Innofader with an Innofader Output Adapter #2 sold here: http://audioinn.startlogic.com/store
  10. QUOTE (Gindu @ Jan 23 2010, 05:18 AM) So I want to retrofit a non midi mixer with faders with midi. I need to know a few things about the fader. Is that fader linear or is it log taper. I'm using these faders in conjunction with the midibox project. I have a numark mixer as a test mixer before I go ripping apart a Xone. So hopeful someone has done this or knows more about the fader You can set the Innofader for virtually any taper from bottom cut to top cut with the log tapers and linear taper in-between. Which Numark mixer are you using for this project by the way?
  11. QUOTE (jpotter @ Dec 22 2009, 11:12 PM) Just wonder how its coming....anything new?? Maybe some sort of teaser pic please So far just for the DJM-400. Working on pics! Elliot
  12. QUOTE (korrect @ Jan 20 2010, 04:09 AM) Hi Elliot, I have been using my innofader for over 6 months with mixed feelings about it. When I got it the fader felt amazing but would bleed and have a strong clicking sound. The bleeding continues on one side sometimes but is generally ok (I use it with an old 06 pro so this may be the reason). The problem now is that the fader is 'sticky' meaning that moving it side to side it has tension in some parts and is not smooth at all. I have it set at quite a loose setting - thats one of the reasons I bought it..... I have used the lube provided but it really didnt help. Is this a common problem? How can I fix this and make it smooth like when I first got it? Maybe I am not applying the provided lube correctly.... applying lube.... smoothly.... this could almost be in Penthouse forums! Thanks For lube please please don't add too much it'll make matters worse! And use the mini-tube that comes with the Innofader kit so that you can apply one drop rather than getting this stuff all over the place. Caig Lube is very corrosive so you really should only have it applied to the rails which won't corrode and nothing else. My sense is that the screw is actually too loose, and it loosened to the point where it is scraping internal parts. Make sure you tighten down the screw slightly just to the point where further adjustments will increase the tension. Also you will need to do the following mod to get rid of the bleed: http://www.audioinnovate.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99
  13. QUOTE (wizdumb @ Sep 5 2009, 10:46 PM) Thanks for the reply odonov8, I appreciate it. Going to test it out with my inno. Alright man, let me know how it goes! Elliot
  14. Hey wizdumb, It is the correct adapter board. I had to mod it because the Tascam XS-8 crossfader circuit had a current limit on the crossfader circuit which caused the Innofader to not work sometimes. The same goes for the Ecler Hak 310 and 320. Sorry for the delay. I do check email and respond daily and I do my best to scan the forums, but with our own forum, DJ Forums, Scratchlounge, Scratch Live, etc. etc. I've gotten a little behind.
  15. Here is the "cleaner" heat shrink solution for insulating adapters that come with the Innofader. This is only needed if an adapter is used: For the future shipments of Innofaders, we will include a piece of heat shrink insulating tube as shown here: The first step is to plug the Innofader into the adapter board Then slide the insulation tube over the adapter board. Slide all the way until the Innofader cable is covered Now plug in the cable from the mixer Arrange the cables neatly along with the adapter so everything fits neatly along the length of the adapter Slide the Insulator over the adapter board Finally VERY GRADUALLY apply heat to the heat shrink tube until it forms around the adapter board. A cigarette lighter or other low flame will do the trick. Now here's where I need to do the official warning. WARNING: Heat is the enemy of electronics. While applying heat will make the heat shrink form into a cool looking blob, it will also melt wires and barbecue the adapter. If you are in doubt, please: 1) Apply heat very gradually, keeping the parts at a safe distance from the heat source, or 2) Use the bind ties included with the Innofader to hold the tube in place, or 3) Simply use electrical tape to close up the ends and secure the tube. Using the bind ties or electrical tape will also make it easier if you decide later to move the Innofader to another mixer. I personally got a bit excited when I saw the heat shrink deforming and ended up melting and partially roasting 2 of the Innofader wires! Hope this all helps! Elliot
  16. QUOTE (wazza @ Aug 8 2009, 05:52 AM) hi all.... I just started to get all the parts for my vci-100 mod this is my Porares 7 inch LCD touch screen this thing is cool... it plug to my laptop by VGA & usb one thing I love is the P.C audio inputs by RCA so I can plug my Edirol fa-66 sound card out-put ( 3 & 4 for my headphono's ) into the P.C audio in-puts on the Screen and then plug my headphonos to the top off the LCD sreen by the mini headphonos jack & control the volume for the headphonos by the screen I have set the touch screen to control my laptop not the screen...like a big mouse pad nice & small....& cheep at $200 I just pick up my Innofader today for the mod in this post I made over at Djforums.com ...http://www.djforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=197487&highlight=wazza Emarx was talking about something about power polarity....can you give more info about power polarity +...in this post over at DJtechtools.com....http://www.djtechtools.com/2008/11/03/upgrade-your-vci-100-crossfader/ about fiting the proX fader in the VCI-100 with some pic's off the wiring for the fader can I use the pic's for fiting the proX fader as a guide for the wiring for the fiting off the Innofader...????? and which in-put plug on the Adapter board wound be best to use for the VCI-100..?????? Hey Wozza, Please check the online manual for info on how to hook up the Misc. adapter included with the Innofader kit. https://www.innofader.com/fitting.php#misc Note PXF instructions don't necessarily apply because the PXF doesn't have any polarity. The Innofader requires the correct polarity to work. Hope I've answered your questions. Sorry for taking so long to respond. Cool setup BTW. Elliot
  17. QUOTE (acidkidadam @ Jul 7 2009, 06:45 PM) It would be awesome if you could make it fit into the DJM-400 and other DJM series. Yes I know we're working on this!
  18. QUOTE (djkrisp @ Jun 30 2009, 10:46 AM) whats the best setting for the sharpest cut in time with no lag i cant seem to get it to cut as sharp as i like it, any help or pics would be great thanks..... Set the Innofader cut-in to "no dead space" and then adjust the Rane adapter knobs until you get the cut-in you are looking for. Elliot
  19. QUOTE (Goonie @ Jun 9 2009, 08:28 PM) Hey I just acquired a used Tascam XS-8 (after much debate over the HAK 360) and have decided to get the innofader. I just have a couple of questions? 1. Is the XS-8 a re-branded HAK 320 or HAK 360? 2. Do I only need the innofader and the output adapter, to install it into my XS-8 3. Does the mod in *this* post bypass the need for the output adapter (assuming it works) Thanks. Hello Goonie, et. al: Please continue reading on the following post: http://www.audioinnovate.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=95 I've heard from people that the XS-8 is a rebranded Ecler HAK 320 but frankly I have not seen these two side by side so I cannot say for sure.
  20. QUOTE (TeLLy @ Jun 21 2009, 04:32 AM) Well yeah, I was gonna keep it in the 08 but I may be selling it (VERY RELUCTANTLY) so I would rather keep it in my current mixer while the 08 sits on the sidelines. I would definitely not mind trying one of those higher-up Innofader caps, if you've got any kicking around ...and a new sticker to put on my Korg? Maybe? Sure no problem. Same address? Elliot
  21. QUOTE (TeLLy @ Jun 16 2009, 05:00 PM) Just installed on my own brand new Zero4, and I didn't even need tape on the fader stem! I used a black/white replacement cap from the ProXfade, which sits a teeny tiny bit higher than the Innofader model, and some of those little isolator washers when putting the fader back in the mixer. I also found the fader was tilted forward so I used a little electrical tape under the front side of the fader plate to tilt it back to perpendicular. We have innofader caps which sit about 1.5mm higher than the original which we made for the Rane TTM-56s. Let me know if you need one and I'll send it to you. You could also just take the original Innofader cap and stuff a piece of paper in there to make it sit higher I see you're Innofaders are doing a bit of mixer hopping, eh? Elliot
  22. QUOTE (PatrickJames07 @ Jun 19 2009, 02:31 AM) Filing was quite a diasaster for me actually. First try got the innofader to screw in but the screws weren't flush with the casing, so when I tried to put the faceplate back on it wasn't flat and the innofader knob was scraping across the faceplate. So I did some more filing and got the screws to stay flush with the casing, but the innofader wasn't centered. So one side would cut but the other side wouldn't because it would hit the faceplate before it got to the end of the fader rail. Third time was a charm. I had to file the hole like a bowl, like it was when before I filed it and everything worked out. This is why I'd rather not make it a standard option. I'm impressed that you had the determination to make this work. If you have any suggestions for others regarding the filing please let us know! Elliot
  23. QUOTE (PatrickJames07 @ Jun 13 2009, 02:39 AM) Upon closer inspection. I can hear a little bit of bleed from channel A when the fader is pushed all the way to the right (channel . The bleed is gone when i press it up against the right side hard though. You think this is due to the resistor issue? Or do I just need to some more cut-in dead space. The bleed is also gone when I change the curve to a smooth fade. Edit: This only happens when I screw it into the mixer. Once I take it out and play around with it, it cuts fully with no bleed. I also ended up insulating the back of the innofader for extra protection. Double Edit: I did the eliminating cut in noise mod in the innofader manual and it seemed to eliminate the bleed. Hey Patrick, Thanks for checking through all of your documentation, and I'm psyched this is working for you! How did the hole filing go? Elliot
  24. QUOTE (Dj Phat B @ Jun 1 2009, 05:33 PM) no it?s not a ground problem. that would mean grounding problems in the whole city. apperently using power converters doesn?t go well with these mixers. i was told that getting a 220volts adapter would be the best option. i?m getting it tomorow hopefully. it has been held by brazilian customs and i probably have to pay 60% import tax. i will let you know how that works. Hey Phat B Let me know how you make out with customs. Brazil is pretty harsh with customs!
  25. QUOTE (M.Y DJ @ Apr 22 2009, 07:21 AM) Hey Elliot ! I've just get one at (a) good price on ebay, so I will send you a mail for more "details" (got nuff things to talk about) can you tell me if it' s possible to use innofaders as linefaders ? with the innofader curve adjustement, will it be possible to scratch with it with a a very short curve as the crossfader one (in order to be able to do "crab tricks") 1mm = sound at it maximum (the original curve of XS-8 linefader are more like 5 to 7 mm to get channel volume at 100%) will the innofader into the XS-8 can improve it and make a realy fresh scratch mixer ? Thank you, see you later (I' ll mail you this week end) Take care Peace M.Y Hey M.Y.! Good to hear from you again! You'll need the Innofader Output Adapter. We have these in stock: http://www.audioinnovate.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=95 You can get rid of dead space on the mixer with the Innofader. As far as the line faders are concerned, this might be a difficult process on the Tascam XS-8. I haven't tried this yet.
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