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  1. Here's what I have to start. Anyone with one of these mixers interested in doing a solder-free mod for this? I think this is possible and I can guide you through this. Just haven't picked up one of these mixers yet Elliot
  2. Hello All, Please make sure you do the following modification to an Ecler Eternal Compatible mixer when installing the Innofader Pro: The first step is to plug in the Ecler Eternal as shown in the Innofader Pro instructions. Once this is done, also plug in the line fader cable with both ends plugged into the 2 sockets labeled "LF Power" on the VCA Power Board. ***Note that the actual Ecler mixer cable is white. I used red and black cables here for clarity. Note a few things here: 1) Make sure the "EXT INT" switch is set to the "EXT" position or this mod will not work and may damage the fader! 2) A, B, C, and D markings indicate the wires you need to pull out of the connectors. You can pull the wires out of the connectors by carefully lifting the small tabs on both the Ecler mixer connector and Innofader line fader cable connector as shown here: When you are done pulling the wires out, you will put them back in. A, B wires are swapped with C, D wires as shown in the following picture:  
  3. Again sorry for the delay getting back to everyone. This forum topic shows what you need to do to fix the problem: http://www.audioinnovate.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99 Sorry guys I travel a bit and some places I go don't have the most reliable email service. Elliot
  4. QUOTE (jazzroom @ Jun 10 2012, 12:29 AM) since there is still no reply , i am replying to myself UPDATE : today i took innofader ( classic) out of the Vestax and tried the original Vestax crossfader, to my surprise , there is still a bleed trough on the channels ... with crossfader closed ??!! wow, that means that there is some "generic" soft bleed trough on my Vestax PMC-06Pro VCA ? what could cause that ? I replied to you directly by email. This post on our forums shows how to fix this: http://www.audioinnovate.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99 Sorry for the delay getting back to you on the forum Elliot
  5. QUOTE (jazzroom @ Jun 16 2012, 03:05 PM) Thank you very much for your reply Elliott i have heard from other users of older Vestax PCM 07/05/06 mixers that the soft background bleed from the master outputs is ? regular issue on all those mixers and apparently a so called Vestax Bug ... ??! to verify that I have plugged the original Vestax crossfader instead of the Innofader and to my amazement the master bleeding is exactly the same soft volume ! that test tells me that there is something in the Vestax electronics that gives a channel bleed by a factory DEFAULT ??? so do you still think that the MOD would change anything? Actually this mod helps only if the source of bleed is the crossfader. Bleed from the channels directly to the master output cannot be fixed by this method. I have confirmed several times that older Vestax PMC mixers have overly sensitive crossfader circuits so the above mod is needed to cut the sound when you are using a sharp mixer curve. Elliot
  6. QUOTE (jazzroom @ Jun 7 2012, 02:06 AM) i've tried to insulate the innofader with a tape... it didn't help - there is still soft bleed on the left input when innofader is completely closed. do i need to do the MOD or not? thanks in advance for reply Yes you do need to do the above mod. The insulating tape will not help at all with this issue. Elliot
  7. QUOTE (djdiggla @ Mar 20 2012, 03:20 AM) Finally figured it out! The fader cut in lag (that tiny knob between the big crossfader curve adjustment knobs) had to be turned back to min. Duh. Glad you figured it out! Sorry for taking so long to respond. Elliot
  8. QUOTE (djdiggla @ Feb 19 2012, 05:52 AM) Hi, I'm having some problems installing my innofader. First off, I made the mistake of plugging in the mic adapter board and pushing the button even tho that was not part of the install instructions. It seems to have screwed up my curve (which I have since tried to reset numerous times but one side is always way off. --is there a way to reset the cut in to the factory preset?? Next--this is probably dumb but may be part of my problem. Am i supposed to just reverse the x/y jumper or take it off? I want the sharpest cut in for scratching and I currently have it off (removed). All the pics in the install guide show it on tho, and the pic isn't clear and same with the instructions. Just FYI, I have the cut in set all the way right which seems to be the sharpest. Also FYI, when I try and reset the cut in point it makes the fader bleed so I turn the adjustor curve knob so it doesn't (which is the "factory default" position). But then the left side cut-in becomes the middle of the fader! Hello djdiggla, You should leave the X/Y jumper installed for proper operation, and set the curve close to the middle. Also set the cut-in to no dead space. This way you can use the mixer to reduce the dead space (often referred to as "lag") and sharpen the curve. Elliot
  9. QUOTE (Jon Avalon @ Jan 6 2012, 05:59 AM) Hey Elliot, Does the innobender work with the DJM-250? I think i remember you saying something about it a lil while back when djf was still up, but forgot what you said. Hey Jon, We got it working on the DJM-350 and DJM-400. Is there any way you can take pics so I can see what curveballs Pioneer threw at us this time? Thanks Wow DJ Forums got a page already yeah! Elliot
  10. QUOTE (Esca @ Dec 26 2011, 05:47 PM) Hi Guys, You are doing a very good work, the Innofader I have on my 06 is long way one of the best fader I ever tried and my AEM 100i is astonishing, so I was looking to replace all the fader on all the equipments I have with the Innofader. Now, do you think it's possible to mount it in a Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro and on a Novation Twitch? Do you have some tips to give me? Thanks a lot! Hello Esca, Thanks for your support and interest! Unfortunately we hea the U-Mix doesn't have space for any Innofader model. If you want an Innofader compatible controller, you can try the following: American Audio VMS2 or VMS4 (use Innofader VMS4 or just a standard Innofader + the adapter to cover the bottom is available from us direct) Vestax VCI-300 or Traktor S4 work with the Innobender Numark NS6 and NS7 work with the Innofader Pro
  11. QUOTE (hardweek @ Oct 28 2011, 04:55 PM) Hi everyone. I've been on a futile quest for a power adapter for the (discontinued) Numark Pro SM3 Mixer for ages. Its the one with the phone jack-like output. This board came up in one of my many google searches, so I thought I would register and see if anyone: A) Had a lead on where I could find one of these. or Anyone had the Macgyver-like skills to know how to modify a different adapter instead. Peace. Do you have a pic of this adapter? It usually indicates the voltage, current, AC or DC, and polarity. With all of this info it should be relatively easy to find another adapter that can work. I think Punky is going into withdrawal now that DJ Forums isn't running Elliot
  12. QUOTE (djcross+fade @ Oct 30 2011, 11:24 AM) can i mod the line faders to take the innofader pro if i send it out Do you mean you want to send out your Mackie d.2 so someone can help you with the installation? Sure please write to support@audioinnovate.com and we can get this set up for you. Elliot
  13. QUOTE (djnecessity @ Sep 27 2011, 05:25 AM) im thinking of just taking out the innofader and puting in the Numark DMX 06 that i have. Can Any one tell me if im suppose to use the VCA Hookup For Innofader Pro Using External Mixer Power If so then i might be able to swing that if i have to use the same Circuit board that is currently in my M6 which uses the analog fader wiring then it wont work cuz i mod things and remove some pins from there clips. Ideas ? Comments I think I responded directly to you on this by email. Please let me know if my answer is sufficient. Elliot
  14. QUOTE (Matt_b @ Sep 30 2011, 06:24 AM) I been trying to do it myself but i cant seem to find the right connection cable. I tried using a 5pin JST Cable but it is too big. Do you know by any chance which cable I need to use and what is running through each cable when it is connected to the calibration connection. or do i have a better chance of picking up the innojuster and try playing with the adapter board since the 909 inno didn't come with it (I know it was specially made for it.) And thanks for responding I really appreciate it. Matt, The Innofader itself doesn't have MIDI capability. The MIDI capability exists when it is installed in a product which has MIDI such as a TTM-57SL, Pioneer DJM-800, DDM-4000, VMS4, VCI-300, or S4. We do not have any plans to add MIDI capability directly to the Innofader itself. Elliot
  15. The Numark M6 installation requires a small amount of soldering. It uses the "NUMARK M SERIES" installation shown here. The only difference is that only a single 3 wire power cable is required, so either J36 or J37 is used, but not both.   ***For Innofader Pro2, connect to either J39 or J41 on adapter (15) Thank you to Jesse Drahos for taking the pictures! To do this installation you will need to remove the faceplate: And remove the bottom cover and crossfader: Locate the power supply PC board in the below picture. NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT hook up the 3 wire blue, black, blue cable from the transformer to any part of the Innofader. The voltages are wrong and they will PERMANENTLY DAMAGE the Innofader. On the 3 wire cable - the Numark Power Cable shown here - cut the connector off one end and strip the wires about 1/8". Then solder the wires to the bottom of the power PC board as shown here. Make sure to match the red and black wires to the correct pins as shown. It is not important which red wire connects where as long as they are both connected separately. Side view: Bottom view: Finally complete the Innofader Pro hookup as shown for the Numark M Series installation here. Again please note the only difference is that a single 3 wire power cable is required, so either J36 or J37 is used, but not both.   ***For Innofader Pro2, connect to either J39 or J41 on adapter (15) Make sure before you put your mixer back together that you place an insulator tube over the non-VCA adapter board to prevent it from shorting to the mixer.
  16. The current one doesn't but once we have a mini-Innofader there should be a way to make it work. Elliot
  17. odonov8


    Hey Mark1, The Denon DN-X1600 mixer will work with either the original Innofader or Innofader Pro but currently an extra adapter cable is needed. There is enough space so the mini Innofader isn't needed. Please just email me your address and I'll send you this cable
  18. 9/20/2015 Edited to include Innofader Pro2 notes.   The Vestax PCV-275 installation requires a small amount of soldering.   For the Innofader Pro: It is similar to the "ALTERNATE CONFIGURATION" shown here. The only difference is that only a single 3 wire power cable is required.   For the Innofader Pro2: Please use adapter (14) along with the 2 wire cable. To connect the wire, first turn off your mixer, open your mixer and locate the power supply PC board. It's at the top center of this picture. The power supply board looks like this when removed. Locate the two power supply ICs. They are marked "7815A" and "BA15" For the Innofader Pro: On the 3 wire cable - the rightmost cable in this picture - cut the connector off one end and strip the wires about 1/8". Then solder the wires to the bottom of the power PC board as shown here. Make sure to match the red and black wires to the correct pins as shown. It is not important which red wire connects where as long as they are both connected separately.   For the Innofader Pro2, use a 2 wire cable. First cut the connector off one end and strip the wires about 1/8". Connect these 2 wires red and black as shown:                               v                      v When you are done, the top side of the power PC board will look like this For the Innofader Pro2, only the 2 wires  marked are used:                                                                               v                    v   Continue below for Innofader Pro only: Now wire up the Innofader as described above for the ALTERNATE CONFIGURATION. The crossfader cable should plug in as shown. The opposite end of the 3 wire cable that you soldered to the mixer plugs into J37, but J36 is left empty: Make sure before you put your mixer back together that you place an insulator tube over the non-VCA adapter board to prevent it from shorting to the mixer.
  19. QUOTE (rentgen @ Jul 27 2011, 02:03 AM) hello When I installed innofader, touched on the mixer of back side innofader. mixer was turned on. innofader does not work, not calibrated. very hot in the connectors and control curves. there is no external damage what could go wrong? can we count on the repairs on their own? I did poorly versed in electronics I sorry for literacy, writing through a translator Please write to support@audioinnovate.com. Then I can either help you directly or refer you to a local distributor who speaks your language. Thanks. Elliot
  20. QUOTE (hollandaze @ Jul 26 2011, 08:12 AM) Question One: Which adapter plate should I use? It seems like two of the three could work. Question Two: Do I attach the adapter plate before I try to slide the fader inside the mixer body? Seems like it wouldn't fit through the opening with the plate attached, but it also seems difficult to attach the adapter plate once the fader is inside the mixer. Question Three: I'd like to avoid the experimentation process of getting the height right, etc, so can someone just tell me what works? Thanks. Answer 1: It's the rightmost of the 3 adapter plates in this pic: https://www.innofader.com/installations.php?id=14&pid=2 Answer 2: Yes the plate goes on before the fader goes inside the mixer. Answer 3: No need to experiment with the height. For knobs, use the one which is raised by 1.2mm which has a whitish marking on the underside of the knob. Elliot
  21. Hey all, The NS6 will work with the Innofader Pro once you do the wiring mods as shown below. First, start with the Standard VCA hookup as shown here. The Numark crossfader connector goes to J43 on the VCA adapter board. Also locate the smaller 2 wire cable that fits into the J14 and J15 slots. You'll need this cable for the mods. For the 2 wire cable, remove the red and black wires from both connectors. Remove the wires by lifting up on the connector tabs and pulling out the wires as shown here: So now you have 2 empty 2 pin connectors available. Take this cable and rewire it as follows: "A": Remove the yellow and green wires from the 8 pin Innofader 8 wire cable from the pins closest to IC9. Hook these wires up to a 2 pin connector and plug into J15. Make sure the yellow wire is the one closest to J10 also marked "LF POWER". "B": Remove red and black wires from the first and third pins on J43. Pin 1 is the pin closest to J17. Reconnect these wires to the other 2 pin connector and plug into J14. Make sure the black wire is the one closest to the J14 text. Now a few other hints with this modification: 1) It may be difficult to use the insulated tubes that are included with the Innofader Pro with this mod. Use electrical tape wherever necessary. 2) The Innofader just barely fits in the NS6. Please make sure that you put electrical tape on the bottom of the Innofader, and if necessary, use the washers included with the Innofader to raise the fader plate slightly so the Innofader fits.
  22. QUOTE (djcaliber @ May 31 2011, 05:41 PM) Any plans on fitting one for the Pioneer DJM 900? If so, when? I'm really hoping for it! Yes we've had lots of requests for this already and have plate samples! Elliot
  23. This shows the installation of the Innobender or mini Innofader Plus for the Mackie d.2. Start by removing the plate which covers the crossfader and channel fader section, removing the original crossfader, and disconnecting the crossfader. PLEASE SKIP TO "CABLE REWIRING" FOR THE MINI INNOFADER PLUS. INNOBENDER STEM MOUNTING: Prepare the Innofader body itself with mounting hardware. On the two Innofader mounting holes, first place 2 round washers on each hole, then screw in the 14mm long threaded hex spacers. NOTE: on this picture two spacers are used together to achieve 14mm length, but on the actual Innobender Kit the single spacers will be 14mm long. On the Innofader stem itself, mount the stem with a 20 degree angle using a hex screw and lock washer on each side. Note the Innobender kit includes a shorter and longer stem; in this case use a longer stem. The result is shown here: Mount the Innofader to the Mackie crossfader plate using the two slotted insulated screws included with the Innofader. Between the Innofader body and threaded spacer, use a white angled washer on each side of the Innofader. CABLE REWIRING Now let's do the wiring. The d.2 is a special proprietary connector that needs to be rewired to connect to the Innofader. Remove wires connected to pins 1, 3, 4, and 8 of the original Mackie crossfader connector. Reconnect wires as such; 9p is the Mackie connector and 4p is the spare connector included with the kit. 9p 4p 1 2 3 3 4 1 8 4 See the second below image for a picture showing how to remove pins from the connector using the mini-screwdriver included in the Innofader kit Now instead of using the Innofader adapter board, it's probably easier just to hook up the connector directly to the Innofader as shown here: Wrap some electrical tape around the exposed connectors: Install the Innofader: Place the cover back on and you're done!
  24. QUOTE (djruggedone @ May 30 2011, 03:09 AM) Hey Eliot have a friend of mine who works at club that has the Pioneer DJM-500 mixer. He wants to know if the innofader can fit and work on the mixer. Thanks ! Hey rugged one, Good to hear from you again! Sorry the current Innofader doesn't work. This is probably a canditate for doing a mini Innofader
  25. Hello All, We've heard complaints from customers that there is a high pitched noise on the audio when connecting the Innofader Pro to the Vestax VMC-002 mixer. This noise affects any non-VCA crossfader connection which uses a single DC power supply rather than +/- power supplies so the Numark M series and Technics SH-DJ1200 mixers aren't affected. This problem is most severe on all first and second revision Innofader Pros. The second revision is indicated by a small green sticker in the upper right corner of the box. Third revision Innofader Pros have a small red sticker in the upper right corner of the box. We recommend for these that you implement just step 15 at the bottom   If you have an Innofader Pro, please skip to "FIXING THE INNOFADER PRO:"   FIXING THE INNOFADER PRO2:   Simply add 4 10k resistors as shown here:     FIXING THE INNOFADER PRO:   If you are finding this issue please write to us at support@audioinnovate.com and we can arrange to do the fix for you free of charge. If you are inclined to do the fix on your end here is how the fix is done: PARTS NEEDED soldering iron & solder 30AWG wire or bigger (smaller wire is easier to work with) Exacto knife 3 47uF electrolytic capacitors rated for 16V or higher 1 0.1uF ceramic capacitor 1 1.2k resistor 4 10k resistors (for optional step below) The fixes are done to the non-VCA adapter board shown here. This part is included with the Innofader Pro: 1, 2, 3: Cut these PC board traces using an exacto knife. 1 connects to C34 bottom pin, 2 connects to D2 bottom pin, 3 connects to D3 bottom pin. 4, 5: Use the exacto knife to scrape off the solder mask here and then add solder. 6: Use the exacto knife to scrape off the solder mask here and then add solder. 7: Install one 47uF capacitor with + and - pins as shown. Be careful not to short the top pin to the protruding pin next to C34. 8: Install wire as shown. 9: Install 1.2k resistor as shown. Make sure one is soldered to the bottom pin of the 3 pin component and the other end is soldered to the exposed solder point created in step 5 above. 10: Use the exacto knife to cut the traces below and to the right of the bottom right pin of IC4. 11: Install one 47uF capacitor with + and - pins as shown. Be careful to keep solder point created in step 9 above. 12: Make solder connection between the C29 top pin and solder point created in step 6 above. Make sure to keep good contact for the 47uF capacitor installed above in step 11. 13: Install wire as shown, with the right end connected to the right pin of the 47uF installed in step 11, and the left end connected to the bottom right pin of IC4. Be careful not to short to the surrounding trace that was cut in step 10. 14: Solder a 47uF and a 0.1uF capacitor in parallel with C29. Make sure + and - pins of the 47uF capacitor are as indicated. 15: OPTIONAL solder 4 10k resistors as shown. Resistor connections are as such, with the 8 pin connector pins 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 from left to right and the 5 pin connector pins 1,2,3,4,5 from top to bottom: 1) 8 pin connector pin 5 to pin 6 2) 8 pin connector pin 6 to pin 7 3) 8 pin connector pin 8 to 5 pin connector pin 1 4) 5 pin connector pin 1 to pin 2 Note that this resistor change will further reduce the noise and sharpen the curve but also might result in slightly more sound bleed.
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