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    Innofader PNP3

    Hi ! i just put a few weeks ago Innofader PNP 3 on my Pioneer XDJ XZ. So with my service guy we had to menage to mount it. We used an original bracket ,and the new one and combine it,at last we had to cut some plastic under a fader…now it works in full! Thanx to Elliot Marx!
  3. Hello Con_quilla, Thank you so much for your repost. Sorry I just spent the last week porting over my forum to another host so access to the forum may have been sketchy for a while. Now it's all ported over so things should be working well now. I appreciate your attention to this! Elliot
  4. Not sure what happened to my previous post, but wanted to share some diagrams I mocked up to add to Kevink's post. Here is the wiring diagram. And here is a closer photo of where to re-solder the connections that were disconnected from dremeling through the traces at the yellow arrow. Specifically, it was helpful for me to understand that only two traces needed to be severed to make enough room to fit the Innofader. This gives a good indication of where your Dremel cut should be.
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